“Where are we headed? We’re no longer in control. We determine nothing and we lead no one. He who believes we do is a liar. Shadows and ghosts shimmer around us. Don’t touch them, they only give way, sink and collapse. A light is appearing but we know not whether it’s twilight or dawn.”

Kurt Tucholsky “Die dämmerung” 1920
Berlin’s largest and most beautiful lake, the Müggelsee, doing justice to its name: “Müggel” is a Slavonic word for “fog, mist” (same etymology like Polish word “mgła”).

The destroyed and never rebuilt Waisenbrücke (however, we are keeping our fingers crossed for Berlin’s Stadtmuseum initiative to have the bridge reconstructed again) (image via @StadtmuseumBLN from the collection of Landesarchiv Berlin)

Berlin is like a bridge without guard rails. You are allowed to fall down, unlike in the rest of Germany.

From the 2019 survey “DNA der Hauptstadt” (DNA of The Capital City) carried out of Berlin’s Senate