EP. 1 BERLIN O'CLOCK Berlin Companion Podcast

When in April 1893 German Empire introduced new time measuring system based the Greenwich meridian, Berlin lost something big for good. It lost its own time. Here is the story behind it.Main theme for the podcast: “Assembly Line Frustration" © Ionics Music | TerraSound.de Sound effects: ChaliceWell, Bidone, JRosin and LG (CC Licence https://freesound.org/s/56874/) via freesounds.Support the show

Anchor’s up, Berlin fans!

I can safely say I know as much about broadcasting as I do about sailing but if there is a good story worth finding in Berlin’s past, I will get to it sooner or later. And promise to share it with you the best way I can.

The pilot episode for “Berlin Companion Podcast” is now available via Buzzsprout and can be accessed through all popular podcast-streaming services. Follow for your weekly serving of Berlin facts and trivia!