Tracing the Locations of Berliner Chic: Then and Now


A wonderful post about the role that fashion and fashion industry played in the history of Berlin and a highly recommended read.

Suites Culturelles

Berliner Chic” is a phrase associated with more than just the local fashion industry and its ready-to-wear clothing. Berliner Chic is a cultural concept that evokes history: the turbulent story of the efforts and strives of creative designers and manufacturers in Berlin, whose attempts to establish Berlin as a fashion capital have been continuously interrupted by politics, ideology, and war. It evokes the notion of quality (the tradition of handmade clothes) and a certain urban flare that persists to this day in the contemporary fashion scene. It also evokes entrepreneurial savvy: whether at the beginnings of the Konfektionsindustrie (ready-to-wear industry), in the ruins of post-war Berlin, or in the reunified global metropolis, men and women in the fashion industry managed to overcome limitations by turning challenges into opportunities. Berliner Konfektion (the ready-to-wear industry) is both an economic factor and a cultural-historical phenomenon.

Berliner Chic also evokes a sense…

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