Friedrichstraße is one of the best-known, most central streets in Berlin. Yet, it feels like the least appreciated, with most people hurrying along focused on getting somewhere else. And it is easy to see why: the street does not exactly invite you to linger. It is surprisingly narrow (just look around the corner at Unter den Linden!), has hardly any trees, and offers next to no chance to sit down and enjoy the view. But, contrary to some people might think, it is worth your while.

On my new walking audio-tour created together with Voicemap.me (my third audio-tour on their platform), I will take you on a walk along the northern section of the street to find the often-overlooked details hidden in plain sight.

Like no other street in this city, Friedrichstraße, with its 33 crossroads and one bridge, represents Berlin’s history in a nutshell. It has been part of nearly all of the city’s ups and downs and served as a venue for enough historic events to fill dozens of film scripts and history books.

In Berlin, it always pays to be curious. So, whether it is your first time in the city or you are a returning visitor or even a local wishing to explore it more, join me on my stroll and uncover the lesser-known or half-forgotten facts and places in and around this street. The idea of going on an audio-tour – something I am a big fan of myself – is especially appealing now, in the time of the pandemic and strictly limited social contacts. And it is a wonderful way of spending your time in Berlin, if – again like myself – you are very happy exploring the city on your own. All you need is your smartphone, headphones and the voicemap.me app you can download from the app-shop of your choice.

Allow just over an hour for this walk. COVID-19 regulations permitting, you can stop at one of the many cafes and restaurants you’ll be passing by en route. Or simply grab a cup of tea or coffee to go.

I hope you enjoy the tour! It was made with lots of love, lots of research and in sometimes freezing weather conditions – it was definitely worth it.

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