Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Berliner Börse around 1900.

​The building of Berlin Stock Exchange designed by Friedrich Hitzig and built 1857-1863 at Bruderstraße 25-26, at the Friedrichsbrücke, was the scene of two serious market crashes: the 1873 property bubble crash known as “Gründerkrach”, caused by rampant speculation,  and of the 1927 Schwarzer Freitag, Black Friday (btw,  the 1873 crash was one, too) when the index plummeted by 31.9%. The latter took place exactly 90 years ago today. 

One of the giant halls inside the Berliner Börse building in Bruderstraße.

The original Berliner Börse stood, however, in the Lustgarten: in 1798 it received its own, new building, erected where the original seat of Berlin’s Stock Exchange used to be: in the Great Elector’s new Lusthaus, or his Pleasure House, which stood close to the Stadtschloß. 

 Alt Börse in Berlin’s Lustgarten

The first meeting of the Börse took place at the Old Lusthaus in 1739 but the Berlin Stock Exchange as such was founded by the Great Elector already in 1685. 

Neues Lusthaus

The magnificent Börse building in Burgstaße was badly damaged during WWII – its remains were later removed and the site used by new investors. 


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