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To all of my Readers, wherever they are, who were following this blog with patience, passion and an unceasing wave of encouragement – Kreuzberged says a most heartfelt thank you!
2016 might have been a year to forget on many levels but on a personal one, it is one to remember with great fondness and gratitude: it has been a year when my younger sons joined the ranks of primary school pupils, a year when my older son has been a constant source of pride and exasperation – just as a ten-year-old should be; it´s been a year when my husband got a new job which makes him proud and exasperated – as a job probably should, too:-)
It has also been a year when I finally fulfilled a great dream of writing a book about Berlin, created a first in a series of audio-tours of the city, began working on two other fantastic projects and kept doing what I love doing the most: reading, researching and writing. So thank you to all the wonderful people – my family, my friends and my “partners-in-crime” – and all those who accompanied me in 2016 and without whom none of the above would have been possible!
It might be bleak mid-winter out there and the worse might be still to come but there is always a sunny patch you can choose to stroll in.
Guten Rutsch!/Happy New Year/Do siego Roku!


  1. Andrew Lloyd
    Dec 31, 2016

    Thank you for your writing which is always interesting, never dull and regularly appearing. You have made my favourite place in the world an endlessly fascinating source of new information. I wish you and your family many happy times ahead in the new year and beyond and this project of yours continued success!

    • notmsparker
      Jan 2, 2017

      Dear Andrew, belated but not any less heartfelt New Year wishes to you and your family, too! Thank you for reading:)

  2. Claudia Zoltak
    Dec 31, 2016

    Thanks for always being there, enlightening my life. Looking forward to everything from and with you in 2017 – your neighbor Claudia

    • notmsparker
      Jan 2, 2017

      Claudia, thank you so much and I am so sorry for responding so late! Juggling family life at Christmas and a writing career (LOL!) is never an easy task;-) All the best in 2017! Hoep to see you soon.

  3. Marcus Allemann
    Jan 3, 2017

    Love your work. Been a longtime follower and both your writing and the design of the website are something to give a hats off for. Thanks for giving me something charming and educational to go with my morning coffee. Will b sure to buy a book for my bathroom for guests 😀

    • notmsparker
      Jan 3, 2017

      Thank you, Marcus. I´m grateful for the praise and the purchase. I hope your guests will enjoy reading the book – whatever charming place you choose for it in your flat;-)

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