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It is the Einschülungstag in Berlin today: all around the city all 6-year-olds and a handful of almost-7-year-olds, including my own wonderful twins, will officially join the primary-school pupils´ crew.
Tradition requires that each child be presented with a little gift, a present put inside a cardboard-paper cone known as the Schultüte (school bag). In the old days those used to be school paraphernalia: pencils, rubber erasers, fountain pens, coloured pencils and a bit of sweets.
The tradition is very much alive but in big cities like Berlin the content of the Schultüten has changed beyond recognition. And since we have just talked about stereotypes and prejudices on our one-but-last post about Charlottenburg, here is a witty little map of Berlin boroughs, published by Berlin´s leading local city magazine TIPP, naming the objects which could be – if the map were real and not just a little stereotype-based joke – most often found on Berlin kids´ Schultüten this year.
The texts on the map, originally in German, have been translated by yours truly to make it accessible to all non-German speaking Berliners out there.
Enjoy it!
PS. Our twins are getting pens, pencils, rubber erasers and paints. What was good in 1979 is good in 2016, too:-)
originally published by @tip_berlin

originally published by @tip_berlin


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