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“A travelling Australian feels disappointed in Paris and Rome but in Berlin he finds the Melbourne of the continent.”
(from the “Imperial Review”, 1883)
Belle-Alliance-Platz, Postkarte, um 1895

Belle-Alliance-Platz (today Mehringplatz) at Hallesches Tor, with Friedrichstraße in the background and no Hochbahn, or today´s U1 viaduct, yet (1885)



One comment on “BERLIN QUOTE

  1. berlioz1935
    Oct 3, 2016

    It is an interesting point of view. At that time Melbourne profited from the gold rush on the Victorian gold fields and was probably the most advanced city in Australia.

    Even today, Melbourne has a European feel to it and I personally like it there.
    My son, who lives there, was happy with the public transport there until he saw Berlin this year.

    Melbourne and Berlin are always both in a prominent position at any survey about the great cities of the world.

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