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Dear Readers, the day has come at last – it might be a small step for the world of publishing (so small, in fact, it wouldn´t even budge) but a big one for yours truly.

Kreuzberged´s first book, “NOTMSPARKER´S BERLIN COMPANION or I DIDN´T KNOW THAT ABOUT BERLIN”, a collection of facts and trivia about Berlin, based on our popular (thanks to You!) blog about the city, is officially on sale now.

The book will take you on a thrilling journey through Berlin´s past and present, with little stop-overs at often surprising and sometimes rather obscure corners, proving once again that Germany´s capital is a bottomless pit of historic delights.

This is not an academic journey, aimed at meticulous analysis of the subject and always supported by spotlessly detailed bibliography. This job is much better done by other Berlin-fans and experts whose devotion to their topic and focus on not so broad a topic is a source of my deep respect and admiration. Not to mention the fact that their works have been a staple, a must read for Kreuzberged from the go – always learn from the best!

This is the outcome of several years of work put into asking “Why?” and “How?” and “What the heck?” Several years of walking, cycling and, yes, occasionally crawling (as some of you had an opportunity to witnessJ) around Berlin, being forever astounded, delighted and thrilled. And several years of reading, interviewing and double-checking the facts.

“Notmsparker´s Berlin Companion” is meant as a sort of a manual for the city, where “the basics” – the key pieces of information such as Berlin´s size, the city´s population, the number of streets, types of public transport – are only a starting point to introduce stories you might not have encountered otherwise. Where is the shortest street in Berlin? And what about the longest? Why it might be better not to remind someone from Wedding that, now, they actually live in Mitte? And why is Wedding called Wedding, or is it really? How do you actually spell Berlin street names and what is it about the street-name plaques looking different in different parts of town? What, on earth, is Berliner Phänomen?  Who built Berlin´s U-Bahn and if it is called Untergrund-Bahn, why does it run over the ground? What happened to the remains of the Berlin Wall after they had been removed, and, last but not least, why is Berlin called Berlin?

Those, and many other, questions have been bothering the author enough for her to go out there and find out. Now, she collected the answers and would like to share them with you not through the blog but in an old-fashioned, non-digital way.

The quote from one of my favourite Berlin authors, Theodor Fontane, which opens the book as its motto – “Actually, before God we are all Berliners” – is an invitation for all those who feel that, wherever they are, not matter how far or how close, Berlin has strange power over them, not unlike moonlight. You are one of usJ

For the moment, you can buy the book in the lovely little shop HERRLICH in Bergmannstraße 2 in Kreuzberg or order it online through the Book-on-Demand Publishing web shop at this link (or click the image below). “Notmsparker´s Berlin Companion” will also be available at within the next couple of days. The list of shops and bookshops offering the book will be updated daily.

Thank you reading!

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