Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


The golden radio days might be over but the medium itself seems to be far from extinction. And what keeps it alive is, as with everything in our world, the ability to evolve and adapt. Enter the crossing between the radio and the internet known as a “podcast”.
As a passionate radio-listener and an equally enthusiastic web-user, I am doing my best to follow as many interesting podcasts as possible: most of them are produced by BBC Radio 4 and 4 Extra (simply because they are supreme) but there are several great Berlin podcasts to be found online, too (a post about them is to follow soon).
However, one of my absolute personal favourites is a brilliant series of stories from the old Hollywood, produced and presented by an LA film-journalist and author, Karina Longworth. Her “You Must Remember This” is as revealing as it is well-researched.
And here is her podcast about one of the most famous Berliners ever, the icon of the classic cinema and the official goddess of cool, Marlene Dietrich. Born Marie Magdalene Dietrich in Leberstraße 65 in Berlin-Schöneberg, she went on to become a living legend, famous for her glamour and her air of cool mystery. But did you know that Dietrich, who by the outbreak of the Second World War was already living far from Berlin and in Hollywood, and who abhorred the Nazis, was actually plotting to kill Hitler? And that she planned to do it in nude, which turned out to be a serious technical hindrance?
If you, like myself, were not aware of all the facts in the anti-Nazi chapter in Marlene Dietrich´s biography, here is page that presents a wonderful podcast to fill in all gaps as well as a direct link to the episode.
(Click the image to enter the podcast web page.)
Enjoy it!
 you must remeber this


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