Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


There have been many great books written about Berlin… but if you’ve been wanting to know more about the world’s greatest indoor helicopter flight, the time they built a second Berlin Wall, or the night when Louis Armstrong serenaded Soviet border guards from his car, this is the one to read. Within these pages you’ll find the answers to such questions as:
• How did an inventor get his car to the top of the Funkturm?
• Who taught Berliners to dance the hula… in the 1820s?
• Where in Berlin can you walk on pig bellies?
• Why can’t you eat Berlin Scrambled Eggs?
• What happened to the suspension railway over Brunnenstraße… or the tram tunnel beneath Unter den Linden?
• How did a part of the Berlin Wall find its way to an island in the South Pacific?
• Where can you ride your skateboard on parts of the old East German parliament building?
• What’s hiding underneath the slopes of Viktoriapark?
Since 2011, we have been been digging deep beneath the surface of Berlin, documenting some of its lesser-known events, unique personalities and colourful stories published at Kreuzberged. Our first book, Notmsparker’s Berlin Companion is a treasure trove of curiosities from one of the most fascinating cities on earth.”
The book, written by yours truly, Notmsparker (or Beata Gontarczyk-Krampe as the German Inland Revenue Office prefer to call me) has been published – as the first publication of Berlinarium Editions – by Berlin´s excellent self-publishing service, Book on Demand from Schwedenstraße in Berlin-Wedding.
So here is your chance to purchase 247, hot-stamped soft-cover pages filled with texts inspired by Berlin, telling stories about Berlin, written in Berlin and printed inside what used to be one of the historic horse-drawn omnibus garages belonging to the city. By the look of it, this must be a Berlin book per excellence;-)
Available online from August 22 (links to Amazon and other online book-sellers will be inserted on the day of their activation), for the moment it can be pre-ordered directly from the publisher at Please, quote the following details:
ISBN: 978-3-86460-528-4
Number of copies
Price: EUR 18,99
Your name and address
An interesting read for all Berlin and Berlin history fans as well as a great introduction to all those visiting the city for the first time, “Notmsparker´s Berlin Companion” will tell you everything you never even knew you wanted to know about Berlin.
Thank you for sharing this post, spreading the news and making the book reach many other potential Berlin-lovers out there!:-)
Proud as a peacock and slightly freaked-out, Notmsparker moments after receiving the test copy of her book;-) (image by Leo Krampe)

Proud as a peacock and slightly freaked-out, Notmsparker moments after receiving the test copy of her book;-) (image by Leo Krampe)


  1. Barbara Janowska
    Sep 10, 2016

    Stunningly witty language, great idea… Congratulations!! Hope to get one copy pretty soon… “MUST HAVE’ category for not only travellers…

    • notmsparker
      Sep 12, 2016

      Thank you, Barbara! I appreciate your kind review a lot.

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