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Lunapark Halensee, Berlin (image author unknown)

Lunapark Halensee, Berlin (image author unknown)

The legendary Lunapark (Amusement Park) Halensee in Berlin photographed from above in the late 1920s.
The Lunapark was closed down by the Nazis, who despised its carefree atmosphere and the sort of entertainemnt it provided, and soon afterwards had it completely removed to make space for the new thoroughfare, Halenseestraße, planned as the main road between Olympiastadion and the brand new Deutschlandhalle. The new street was ready right in time for the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.
Hitler might have had a very special, personal reason to hate the place: it was here that the first ever public photo of the nationalist politician and the future Führer was made. To find out who took it, and why it would have been incriminating had it ever been published, you might want to read our book “Notmsparker´s Berlin Companion” – on sale from August 18th (pre-orders possible from Monday, August 15th:-)


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