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BERLIN IN 1936: From the archives of Lady Allen of Hurtwood

The images presented on the web page of the Modern Records Centre of the British University of Warwick are invaluable in that they show a much broader picture of the 1936 Berlin than many other collections.

Clifford Allen, a great champion of the labour movement in the UK and later Baron Allen of Hartwood (he was granted peerage in 1932), was one of the many grat personalities of his day who got lulled into a sense of security by the Nazi Germany: a socialist and a pacifist who advocated the policy of appeasement towards Hitler´s Third Reich.

(Not all of the press photos below are of Berlin – please click the image to enter)

postdamer bahnhof 1936

Festive display in front of Berlin´s Potsdamer Bahnhof during the 1936 Olympic Games (image from the archive of Lady Allen of Hartwood, University of Warwick´s Modern Records Centre).

2 comments on “BERLIN IN 1936: From the archives of Lady Allen of Hurtwood

  1. lechevallierpatrick
    August 6, 2016

    Grossartig,interessant und sehr schoen !


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