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Hertha´s original team (image through the club´s web page of

Hertha´s original team (image through the club´s web page of

Hertha BSC, the biggest local football club whose heyday was in the 1930s, was born on a park bench in Arkonaplatz in the borough of Mitte. On July 25th, 1892 brothers Otto and Willi Lorenz together with brothers Fritz and Max Lindner, all four avid football players and friends at the tender age of 16 and 17, decided to establish their own football club which they christened Verein BFC Hertha 92. The final details as well as the signing of the necessary deed took place later in the backroom of a popular inn in Kastanienallee in today´s Prenzlauer Berg.
The name, suggested by Fritz Lindner, honoured a river steam-cruiser on whose board the boy travelled together through Berlin with his father. “Hertha´s” name painted on the ship´s white-and-blue chimney inspired the future club´s colours: blue and white. The ship itself, having survived WWII, underwent extensive refurbishment sponsored by the club: this is how it chose to celebrate its 110th birthday in 2002. Today, the “Hertha” is still cruising on Brandenburgian lakes.
As for the club, in 1910, Hertha BFC 92 was the first team on the continent to win against an English football team: they beat Southend United. Hertha also counts a double German Champion title among its sports merits: it became the first German football team in history to win that title twice in a row, in 1930 and 1931.
The club´s original pitch, “Einsame Pappel” (Lone Sykamore Tree) in Cantianstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg was abandoned by the team in 1902, when it moved to its most famous location, known as “Die Plumpe”, in Bellermann- corner Behmstrasse in Wedding. Despite its modest size and the WWII damage, Hertha did not abandon it until 1968, when it moved to its today´s home turf, to Berlin´s Olympia Stadion.
The club´s most fervent fans refer to it as the “Alte Dame”.


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