Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Unter den Linden, Max Missmann, 1911

Unter den Linden, Max Missmann, 1911 (image: Stadtmuseum Berlin)

“The next feature that strikes one is the spaciousness, the roominess of the city. There is no other city, in any country, whose streets are so generally wide. Berlin is not merely a city of wide streets, it is the city of wide streets. As a wide-street city it has never had its equal, in any age of the world. “Unter den Linden” is three streets in one; the Potsdamerstrasse is bordered on both sides by sidewalks which are themselves wider than some of the historic thoroughfares of the old European capitals; there seem to be no lanes or alleys; there are no short cuts; here and there, where several important streets empty into a common center, that center’s circumference is of a magnitude calculated to bring that word spaciousness into your mind again. The park in the middle of the city is so huge that it calls up that expression once more.”
Chicago Tribune, April 3, 1892


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