Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


am neuen see 1896
Neuer See, a 10,000-m² large artificial lake built for the 1896 Great Industrial Exposition in Berlin, was located on top of the hippodrome-shaped playground designed for Berlin´s fourth public park by the city´s Garden Director, Gustav Meyer.
After the Exposition ended on October 15, 1896, the lavish but temporary architecture surrounding the lake was removed and the lake itself filled in again. For the next 50 years it served Berliners, as originally planned, as a leisure and sports grounds open to all.
After WWII, because of its dimensions and its convenient location within their occupation zone, the site was chosen by the Soviet Occupation Forces for their impressive, giant War Memorial.
So should you one day, while taking a leisurely stroll through the site, be caught in an unexpected time warp, you might witness Venetian gondolas float past you at low sun towards the 30-metre tall monument and gliding over the original Nazi mosaic surrounding the memorial´s centre.
If that´s not reason enough to head for Treptow soon;-)


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