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(photographer unknown)

(photographer unknown)

Hermann Mächtig´s Alexanderplatz in 1906: on the left, Berolina and a small section of the Tietz Warenhaus front facade.

The elegant small spire on the right belonged to the Grand Hotel Alexanderplatz. The slightly smaller building facing it on the opposite side of Neue Königsstrasse, Haus der 99 Schaafsköpfe (House of 99 Sheep´s Heads), housed a famous Berlin photo atelier of Alfred Meyer as well as a piano factory of Julius Pfaffe. The building belonged to Paul Juergens, who owned a well-known stationary shop at this address.

It was this shop whose end was referred to by Alfred Döblin in his world-famous, 1929 novel, Berlin Alexanderplatz.

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