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Image: by VzG for the BZ

Image: by VzG for the BZ

The January fire-extinguisher check conducted by the BVG – Berlin Public Transport Company – brought an unexpected discovery: a fully-furnished room under the tunnel of U9 line in Steglitz-Zehlendorf!
The room, located somewhere between the stations “Schlossstrasse” and “Rathaus Steglitz”, has everything one might possibly need to feel at home: next to a comfy single-bed and an arm-chair (IKEA), a carpet , a TV, wall-papered walls and even a framed picture (a patron saint).
Whoever occupied the place, was a reader: on the floor, the BVG employees discovered some literature: a copy of a Star Wars book and a fascinating volume about African string-instruments.
How anyone could transport those things into the tunnels without being noticed, shall probably remain a secret for ever. However, according to the BVG´s spokesperson, the whole thing might be a hoax: part of a regular competition between underground pranksters who stage such scenes and then proudly share pictures thereof online.


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