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Image: Bundesarchiv through groß

Image: Bundesarchiv through

Here ´s a riveting image of a motor-car race over the ice-covered Großer Wannsee (not a lake, mind you, but actually a bay on the river Havel).

It was taken on Sunday, January 27th, 1924 by a well-known Berlin photo-reporter, Georg Pahl.

Considering that it has been well over 0°C in Berlin for a while, not an event that could be repeated in 2016. But in January 1924 winter was still winter at its best. German newspapers informed their readers that “Europe was under the siege of the forces of Nature”: flooding and heavy storms in France, snow-storms in England, massive ice-drift in the north of Europe, heavy snowfall in Central Europe, the Baltic Sea froze over and so did the harbour in Hamburg. Germany got covered by a thick blanket of snow as well – Berliners were forced to wade through 20 centimetres of it!

Considering the above, it seems that driving your weighty limousine over the frozen Wannsee was not such a risky business after all.




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