Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Exactly 151 years ago, on January 28, 1865, a group of prominent Berlin history fans who gathered in the “Cafe Royal” at Unter den Linden 13-15 founded the Verein für Geschichte Berlins – Berlin Historical Society.
Among those whose pledged to follow the society´s motto: “Was du erforschet, hast du miterlebt,” (You have lived what you have explored) were such distinguished Berlin personalities as Ernst Fidicin, the city´s first archivist, writers Theodor Fontane and Alfred Döblin, architects Adler, Ende, Cantian and Gerstenberg, photographer F.A. Schwartz, painter Adolph von Menzel, publishers Rudolph Mosse, Rudolph and Theodor-Friedrich Ullstein as well as Axel Springer and the men behind Berlin´s biggest department stores: Jandorf (KaDeWe), Tietz and Wertheim.
Next to many powerful industrialists like Emil Rathenau, Richard Schering or Conrad and Ernst von Borsig, the society ´s membership lists record names of twenty Mayors and Governing Mayors of Berlin.
Known as “Domsherren” after the society´s first permanent address in the city – a room inside the Deutscher Dom (German Church also known as the Neue Kirche, New Church) in Gendarmenmarkt – the noble association has moved several times until it found its current location at Schloßplatz 7, in Berlin´s Central State and City Library. It is not far from Märkisches Museum, Berlin History Museum – its opening was the society´s biggest feat and achievement.
The society´s main goal – to explore and popularise the history of Berlin – being also the main aim of yours truly and her efforts, inspired the latter to tap into the expansive sources of the group´ s collective wisdom and join the club.
She is proud to announce that her membership application has been accepted and that the name of Notmsparker has found a tiny room for itself among the names of the current 650 members:-)
Happy Birthday, Verein für Geschichte Berlins!
Yours truly,
Proud Domsfrau
Members of Berlin Historical Society during a field trip to Prenzlau und Boitzenburg in July of 1887 (image by F.A. Schwartz).

Members of Berlin Historical Society during a field trip to Prenzlau und Boitzenburg in July of 1887 (image by F.A. Schwartz).


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