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newspaper seller at bhf f-strasse 1920s

Newspaper sellers next to Bahnhof Alexanderplatz in the 1920s: the one-leg stools were their standard work equipment.

In December 1926 Berlin´s newsagents offered their customers as many as 147 newspapers – 120 of them dailies – and 2,486 magazines. Most of the newspapers were printed in Berlin.

6 comments on “BERLIN PAST: PAPER BOYS

  1. William Thirteen
    January 24, 2016

    South Side – in front of the Rossmann I’d say…

    • notmsparker
      January 24, 2016

      Absolutely correct. Replaced by the grill-walkers today:)

  2. ms6282
    January 24, 2016

    Those “seats” don’t look very comfortable!

    • notmsparker
      January 24, 2016

      I´m sure they were not. But they did the trick;-)

  3. tikerscherk
    January 24, 2016

    Nowadays you have to pay tax for using those seats and offering whatever in public.

    • notmsparker
      January 25, 2016

      I guess the publishers of those papers had to do the same.


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