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If there is one reason why the Mall of Berlin “McDonald´s” in Mitte is worth visiting, then it is this incredible view.
Although the rest of the massive shopping mall might discourage leisurely sauntering and sipping coffee at rest, this is the place where you really want to spend a moment.
With that perspective – looking down Leipziger Platz towards the 1920s-skyscraper-like Kollhoff Tower and the DB Bahn Tower at Potsdamer Platz – you will suddenly see how graceful and how well-balanced the design of both plazas actually is.
If it weren´t for the shop signs, the giant posters, the merciless streams of traffic and for the fact that the annual Xmas Market has covered most of the open space on this side of the PoPla, it would be one of the most beautiful sights to behold. I chose to ignore what disturbed me and focused on the essentials.
And so today will go down in history as the day when I finally saw Potsdamer Platz with a loving eye. I believe I owe this to the perspective and the carefully kept distance.

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