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weinhaus huth 1990s

And here is the answer to yesterday´s riddle: Weinhaus Huth, the lonely survivor from the old Potsdamer Platz, here captured in the 1990s.
To learn more about the fascinating and even bizarre history of the place, read a brilliant account of Berlin´s post-Wall past and its present written by Peter Schneider in his “Berlin Now”.
Here is a little peek into the chapter called “Potsdamer Platz”:
“Whenever I drove from Charlottenburg towards Kreuzberg and saw the building standing there, I shook my head in disbelief. The image could have been from a western shot in Arizona: a lone building in the middle of a desert, rising up like a mirage before the eyes of a thirsty cowboy, af”Wter a long ride – and its name, at least, delivered what it seemed to promise: a good drink. Except that this particular forsaken building was located at the centre of a major city. It was a fixed star in a barren wasteland, a preposterous beacon. Who lived behind those glowing windows? Who held the fort in this far-flung outpost in the city centre, to the west of the Wall, the construction of which had relegated the building to the edge of the world?”
Looking at this photo you know very well how Schneider must have felt.

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