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Savignyplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1902, captured by Max Missmann.

Savignyplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1902, captured by Max Missmann.

The plaza, named in 1887 after a 19th-century German jurist and historian, Friedrich Carl von Savigny, was included in the so called Hobrecht Plan – a master-plan for urban development of Berlin – already in 1861.

In the mid-1920s it was re-designed by Erwin Barth, who also created the so called Kanalpark in the bed of the former Luisenstädtische Kanal in Berlin-Kreuzberg. However, the new Savignyplatz, including the playground added by the progressive park and garden architect, disappeared again in the late 1980s, when the plaza underwent refurbishment to celebrate the 750th birthday of the city of Berlin.

Today it is a very popular tourist spot and the favourite address for many of former West Berlin residents. The S-Bahn station “Savignyplatz” was the last station of the Berliner Stadtbahn to be opened. It has been part of the network since August 1st, 1896.

And a small linguistic remark to round it off: in the name “Savignyplatz” the second syllable should be stressed. That´s the way the Berliners do it.

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