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On Saturday, I participated in a fascinating tour of the old Wasserturm (Water/Pump Tower) on one of Berlin´s historic cemeteries, Friedhof Steglitz.

During a private walk that followed the tour, inspired by a sudden idea to find out what famous Berliners might have been buried there, I found at least two names that sounded very familiar: Walter Leistikow, whose wonderful painting of Schlachtensee at dusk I presented here only a couple of weeks ago, and Walter Rütt, the three-time winner of the New York Six-Day Race and the world champion in track cycling from before WW1.

walter rütt´s grave in steglitz

At Walter Rütt´s grave, a tiny tombstone accompanied by the red stone marking an “Ehrengrab” (a grave of honour kept and taken care by the city), it immediately struck me that his date of birth was September 12th, 1883 – I stumbled upon his grave on September 12th, 2015 sharp. Walter Rütt´s 132nd birthday.

It was an honour to be there.

Walter Rütt in 1909

Walter Rütt in 1909

And since Walter Rütt´s name is quite likely unknown to most of our readers (and who can blame them – very few Berliners still know it today), here is your opportunity to get to him better – please read the next post to see what took me to his grave and why his name is worth remembering.

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