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Ever wondered what sort of things float and swim in the Landwehrkanal – which, by the way, celebrated its 165th birthday a week ago?

The answer is, of course, plenty of different things: hundreds of bikes, shopping trolleys, toy prams, shoes, handbags, rucksacks, etc. Only recently the MS Biber, a ship whose crew are keeping Berlin´s waterways in Ordnung, reported an interesting find of twelve cracked safe boxes, a loaded 9-mm gun (with a case) as well as a launching tube of a Panzerfaust: an anti-tank grenade launcher.

Last month the police were informed about a discovery made by a jogger running along the Landwehrkanal opposite Görlitzer Ufer: a car. With its headlights still on (the Opel Vectra had been stolen in Spandau the night before).

Even last night there was commotion at the canal: a gentleman who wished to empty his bladder into the Landwehrkanal must have enraged the local naiads. He slipped and fell right into the Landwehrkanal. Which with the temperature outside being around 10°C and the water itself offering 18°C of warmth, could have ended very badly indeed. Hypothermia did its job and the “Manneken Pis” was shipped off the the Hospital am Urban.

However, few of the finds are as good for the old Berlin waterway as the one spotted under the Waterloobrücke this morning. Here is one of the heroes whom we owe the fact that despite the rubbish and the ill will of many, the banks of the Landwehrkanal are still one of the coolest places to be in Berlin.

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