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There are two simple reasons why this event must be recommended: it´s in Berlin-Kreuzberg AND it´s about Polish food. For the author of this blog that means double-patriotism kicking in:)

Polish Thursday Dinner – the original Thursday Dinners were in fact literary salon meetings organised by the last Polish King, Stanislaw Poniatowski who gathered (and fed) the leading intellectuals, artists and personalities of the Polish Enlightenment – taking place tomorrow at 8 PM at the Bartmann Berlin in Hasenheide 12 is an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal of the Polish best: pierogi (need to introduction), chlodnik (lovely beetroot cream soup served cold) or delicious cheese cake are on the menu that night.

And if you don´t feel like eating or are just looking for a nice place to sit down, there are two wonderful things waiting for you instead: good company and plenty of Polish vodka. And those set every dinner, not only a Thursday one, all right:-)

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