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Hardly anyone in Berlin is not aware of the big news: the Queen is coming! The real-est, the truest and the most royal of them all (or “die Richtige Königin” as the kids I spoke to about the event informed me): Queen Elisabeth II is about to graciously land in Berlin this evening.

For all those of you who are in Berlin at the moment and who wish to catch a glimpse of her most graciously royal self, here is a little guide where to go in order to get to see her (or where NOT to go when trying to avoid big crowds and excited people nervously waving their smartphones about).

Lizzie Windsor (I can say that – I´m a child of Communism;-) shall land at the Tegel Airport at 7 PM – should you hear loud gun shots around that time of the day, fear not for those are only the usual salutes (21 of them). From there on she and her royal spouse (who is more than famous for his numerous verbal bloopers concerning people´s race, religion or social status – which, let us be honest, makes him endearingly charming in the days of vulgar online bashing) shall proceed – by means of a, what else?, most graciously Royal Bentley – to the Adlon Hotel. You can watch all that on the public German ARD Channel from 6.50 PM till 7.45 PM.

All in all it will be a rather dull procession but there is always a glimmer of hope that the Queen does something thrillingly unexpected. Like go all Michael Jackson and hang Prince Philip out of the Adlon´s window.

We at and Postamt SW61, for once, are quietly excited and are looking forward to the royal visit. Right now the suspense is growing fast: after all the royal Bentley and the English weather are already there:-)

(Click to see more details of the Queen´s visit.)

Capture royal visit


  1. berlioz1935
    June 27, 2015

    She is Queen of Australia too, but she won’t be in Berlin in that capacity. We have seen a long report on the RBB.


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