Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Here is the brilliant 1931 film adaptation of Alfred Döblin´s classic Berlin novel, Berlin-Alexanderplatz starring Heinrich George (privately, the father of Götz George who later played the German crime series hero, the über-cool Inspector Schimanski) and filmed by Phil Jutzi to the script he co-wrote together with Döblin.

The story Franz Bieberkopf, a working class guy and a petty criminal from Berlin-Mitte who willy-nilly gets caught on the wrong side of the law in the 1920s Berlin, is one of the most read and admired Berlin novels ever.

Döblin himself was a doctor of medicine, who after several years spent working at the Krankenhaus Am Urban (today Urban Krankenhaus) – which he had to leave because of his planning to marry a colleague, something that was strongly discouraged at the hospital – opened his own surgery: first in Blücherstrasse 18 in Berlin-Kreuzberg which in 1913 he moved to Frankfurter Allee 194. He lived and worked in the midst of the world he described in his greatest novel.

The film is in German and, sadly, with no subtitles. Still, it is a work of art and those rarely need to be translated;-) Especially, when you have a chance to see so much of the old Berlin in the background.

Enjoy it!


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