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To give you an insight into the kind of lengths I am quite prepared to go to in order to answer a burning Berlin research question, here is a little sum-up for today: after 4.5 h of browsing the digital vaults of the World Wide Web, reading several historic architecture and construction magazines (mostly “Deutsche Bauzeitung” AD 1901, 1902 and 1903) and visiting 68 different web pages (sixty eight…), I am finally able to rest in the knowledge that the Hochbahn (elevated railway) viaducts of the original Berlin U-Bahn, known as the “Stammstrecke”, were approximately 6.5m high.

I bow my head in gratitude to Viktor Freiherr von Röll, the author of the immensely fascinating “Encyclopaedia of the Railway Technology” (1901, Vienna) and hereby thank all the bodies and organisations I contacted in the meantime – the City Development Office, the BVG, the Berlin Historic Society, among others – for their help and support. I might have solved this one before you could answer but I am certain to return with new enquiries on other, equally fascinating matters:-)

PS. In case it did not shine through in the text above: Lord,I love my job!

The Hochbahnviadukt in Skalitzer Strasse (image by notmsparker)

The Hochbahnviadukt in Skalitzer Strasse (image by notmsparker)

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