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(Potentially) Good news for all U2 Line users in Berlin: the vocal experiment conducted by the BVG, the city transportation company, which involved having the regular, next-station announcements replaced by new recordings of celebrity voices as well as the voices of the winners of a radio competition, is about to be wrapped up and, as is hoped by many, never to be repeated again.

For the past several weeks all U2 passengers could enjoy (or not) the novel audio effects meant to break the mould and shake things up a little. The reactions were pretty varied: from absolute enthusiasm and “Begeisterung” through mild scepticism to outright ire.

Those who fell into the latter category actually started a public campaign of their own: a petition could be signed to stop the “silly experiment” that only gets on people´s nerves when they are on their way to another day at work.

But whether you considered the change to be positive, titillating and enriching your daily ride or whether you perceived it as a “stress-inducing factor”, the experiment is almost over anyway.

From April 1st on you will be able to enjoy the wonderful, calm and oh-so-familiar voice of Helga Bayertz, former TV presenter who has been announcing the names of the stations on Berlin city lines, including bus and tram stops, for the past several decades. Und das ist auch gut so:-)

(To read more about Ms Bayertz´s and her colleague´s work go to our previous post here).

Tha magic voice of the U-Bahn, Helga Bayertz (photo by Markus Wächter)

Tha magic voice of the U-Bahn, Helga Bayertz (photo by Markus Wächter)


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