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Organised by the Europeana in co-operation with the excellent Daguerrobase Project, this fantastic virtual exhibition “shows the faces, places and histories of the nineteenth century and looks at the revolution made by photography in the field of visual mass communication”.

It also shows us how important it is to capture even the seemingly insignificant moments of our lives, such that we ourselves believe to be of no value to anyone but ourselves, and to have them printed or developed on paper. The pixels on our screens are often too unreal to make us cherish them as much as we do their physical incarnation.

It is from those myriads of images that we leave behind that the future will be able to reconstruct the past. Provided that our legacy will be more than just billions of selfies…

Please click the image below to enter the Europeana gallery.

Father and Child, Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Father and Child, Museum Ludwig, Cologne


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