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This original 1979 film has already been featured on kreuzberged before but because of its immense historic as well as sentimental value we are going to present it again.

It was recorded as part of the “Berlinische Berichte” (Berlin Reports) series by Ingeborg Euler, presenting the South-East (SO) of the city. For all those of you living in or passionate about SO36, here is a great opportunity to see what your street looked liked in the days when Kreuzberg was considered to be the end of the civilised (read: Western) world.

At a personal level, while that camera was moving up and down Köpenicker Strasse, turning into Skalitzer Strasse and cutting to Lausitzer Platz, I was paying my very first visits to Berlin myself. Albeit on the other side of the Wall.

One comment on “SO 36 YEARS AGO

  1. pethan35
    Feb 19, 2015

    It is shocking to see the SO during that time. We were in West-Berlin in 1977 and liked it very much. But we never ventured into the SO. As you said. it “was at the end of the world”. But we visited the East as we had dear relatives living in Panko-Niederschönhausen. East-Berlin looked like WW II had just finished, similar to the SO in the video.

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