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The Summer of 1935 with the Spree-Revellers

Here is a little nightcap of a song. Sang by the Spree-Revellers and accompanied by the Deutsche Gramophon Orchester under James Kok, this lovely swinging piece was recorded before May 1st, 1935.

The recording must have been made before the 1st of May that year as of from that day on James Kok was no longer the head of the label´s own orchestra: he was discharged after making critical comments regarding the Nazi regime as well as the doubts as to his Aryan background. He moved to Zürich where in late August 1935 he established his own music ensemble.

Spree-Revellers, who in the 1930s where as famous as the Comedian Harmonists popularised by the excellent 1997 film under the same title, would become a regular feature on German radio and TV (!) prior to WW2.

Here is excellent music and some quite wonderful images of the innocent and peaceful summer of 1935 on the island of Rügen. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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