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Kemperplatz_Julius_Jacob der Jüngere _1889

KEMPERPLATZ IN 1889 painted by Julius Jacob (the Younger).


This beautiful plaza on the southern edge of the park of Tiergarten, once of the finest and most frequented places in Berlin, is completely gone today. What remains is the name. And the 1968 Mies van der Rohe´s Nationalgalerie, which despite the interesting (say some) design and the noble cause it is pursuing, can hardly compete with the old architecture of the place.

The fountain painted by Jacob in 1889 was removed 13 years later to make space for the new Rolandbrunnen. A lucky strike as it turned out – lucky for the Wrangelbrunnen, indeed.

While the Rolandbrunnen was in the midst of some of the heaviest fights during the Battle of Berlin, the Wrangelbrunnen was quietly waiting for the war to end at its address in Grimmastrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where it is standing until today.

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