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Drawn by Light – Historic Photography Exhibition in London

Christina O´Gorman

Christina O´Gorman

Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn O´Gorman, an Irish born British photographer, took this picture of his daughter Christina 101 years ago.

It was made using the Autochrome process, an early colour process, which was invented by the Lumière Brothers in 1907. It produced unbelievably modern-looking images with vibrancy suggesting a much more advanced technology. But this photo dates back to 1913…

More photographs of Christina O´Gorman can be found at the National Media Museum/RPS collection photographs in London.

The above portrait of the girl is part of a larger project: Drawn by Light – The Royal Photographic Society Collection is the latest exhibition organised by the Science Museum in London, which focuses on such questions as: how old is the oldest photo? who made it and how? and did the early photographers know they were turning light into solid images of others that would survive centuries or where they only playing with sunlight and shadows?

To find out visit London by March 1, 2015 and head for the Science Museum where the Drawn by Light exhibition has just opened.

And judging by the images presented by The Guardian in their week-long series on the topic, just as in Nature, we will all be drawn by it as well.

(A hint to Santa with regard to Christmas presents: admission is free so a plane ticket Berlin-London and back would be just dandy:)

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