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OUT AND ABOUT IN BERLIN: “Mythos Germania – Shadows and Traces of the Imperial Capital”

The model of the future World Capital of Germania.

The model of the future World Capital of Germania.

When in the mid-1930s Adolf Hitler first dreamt of Germania, the future Capital of The World, Berlin was already doomed – if it had not been for the air-raids, the fires and the fighting that came later, it would have been gone nevertheless. Razed down to make space for “a city greater that Rome, more impressive than London or Paris, more splendid than anything the Egyptians or Babylonians could build”.

The city Hitler envisioned, with two main 120-metre-wide boulevards and with oversized buildings next to which Brandenburg Tor or Reichstag would be nothing but dwarfs, Germania was to become a symbol of the new order. Still, just like the Volkshalle – People’s Hall – that Hitler’s chief architect, Albert Speer designed for his master, most of it was an exercise in the impossible and Speer’s work simply a response to a megalomaniac’s frenzy.

“Mythos Germania”, an exhibition organised by the Berliner Unterwelten deals with Fűhrer’s megalomaniac dream of the new city, presenting it from several different perspectives: sociological, ideological and technical, among others. First opened in 2008, this fascinating and tremendously informative event which has so far attracted tens of thousands of visitors is just about to come to an end.

So if you want to find out why it would have been raining inside the never built Volkshalle or what Albert Speer really thought of his master’s dream, you can learn all that and so much more until November 30th in Berlin-Wedding.

The exhibition takes place in the rooms off the entrance hall of the U-Bahnhof Gesundbrunnen (in front of the Gesundbrunnen Center); Badstraße/Ecke Behmstraße, 13357 Berlin; U8 Gesundbrunnen; Thursday-Sunday 11am – 6pm; admission EUR 5.

To find out more about what Berlin has to offer over the next 7 days, visit the page of Slow Travel Berlin and read a complete set of our listings in the “What´s On” category.

2 comments on “OUT AND ABOUT IN BERLIN: “Mythos Germania – Shadows and Traces of the Imperial Capital”

  1. masondini
    November 16, 2014


    thanks for this post – i went and checked out the exhibit, it was fantastic! i don’t know if the details have changed since you’ve been there, but some tidbits i learned that may be useful for others who wanna go:

    – it’s not free, it costs €5 – the website ( says that you can only buy tickets at the Berliner Unterwelten museum around the corner until 16:00, that the last admission to Mythos Germania is at 17:00, and that you can’t buy tix at the door – i didn’t know all this at the time, so i just showed up to the exhibit right after 17:00 but the guy let me in anyway and let me pay there, so i don’t know how closely they stick to those rules… – (as you may know) the exhibit isn’t really in the entrance hall of the ubahnhof, but rather through a *really* unassuming door off the side of the steps (not the escalator!) leading from the entrance hall down to the platform…i putzed around for awhile until i found it 🙂 – they say the exhibit closes on the 30th, but then reopens around holiday time and then again next year after easter (that info’s on the website too).

    hope that’s helpful, just thought you might wanna know! cheers mason

    • notmsparker
      November 16, 2014

      Thank you so much for those remarks – funnily enough two friends of mine informed me today about the 5 Euro price thst needs to be paid there as well. I will change the info immediately – sorry for that but that is what I was told beforehand. I do hope you enjoyed it neverthelessand once again, thanks for your feedback!


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