Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


On August 3, 1973 the local East Berlin newspaper “Berliner Zeitung” (one of the best and most popular local newspapers today) informed its readers about the latest fashion craze in town:

“Rings made from scrap metal from the US aeroplanes shot down over the Democratic Republic of Vietnam are much sought after. Every ring bears the shot-down plane´s number. They are available for DM 2.00 a piece in front of the Solidarity Centre [read: Solidarity with the people of Vietnam] next to Fernsehturm.”

The question remains whether the metal used for their production was, indeed, one from the said US jet-fighters and helicopters.

It is not unlikely that instead of spending their time on turning the capitalist warfare into communist jewellery and then shipping the produce to the GDR, the people of Vietnam had other, more engaging things to do.

berliner zeitung 3.08.1973 shot down us planes and rings


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