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Fernsehturm East Berlin nmp

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Fernsehturm or the TV Tower built in the former East Berlin between 1965 and 1969 (official opening on October 3, 1969). At 368.03 metre it is still the highest building in Germany´s capital.

Originally, it was supposed to be fitted with a double crown like the famous Donauturm in Vienna. But upon hearing about this plan Walther Ulbricht, the then General Secretary of the SED Party, said: “The tower must not look like a chimney, comrades!” The design was immediately re-adjusted.

Fernsehturm was ready after 53 months construction as the 3rd highest building in the world: after Moscow´s “Ostankino Tower” and the Empire State Building in NYC.

And – like almost every other big building in Berlin before or ever since – it cost 4 x as much as initially calculated.

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