Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Here is a short film – most likely a medley of different recordings made in Berlin around 1930 – showing the city during one of those wonderful summer days before everything got dark and cloudy for good.

Since we shall never have a chance to visit Lunapark Halensee at the Halensee Lake again (for the reasons and a short history of the place, please read the previous post here), here is a unique opportunity to do so together with the Berliners of the time.

And for all those interested in the history of Berlin´s city transportation system: in the 1930s the Omnibus No. 42 featured in the film below would have taken you from Alexanderplatz, through Prenzlauer Allee and Weißensee, all the way to Berlin-Buch.

Enjoy it!

One comment on “BERLIN IN THE SUMMER OF 1930

  1. auntyuta
    July 10, 2014

    Thanks for this post. NotMsParker. I enjoyed the video very much.


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