Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Here are some lovely Tumblr blogs either related to Berlin or to German as a language. What they have in common is their authors ingenuity and wit. They are, however, by no means the only blogs of this kind worth your attention (you can find them either in a longer post on Slow Travel Berlin´s web page or simply by entering the word “Berlin” in the Tumblr search bar).


 Letters From Berlin


glasbetonbau palm letters from berlin

A fantastic visual blog by a Berlin-based UX (user experience) and user interface designer Mariusz Ciesla, who decided to branch out and explore Berlin´s street typography. His collection of images of shop signs, U-Bahn station names and words scribbled by adventurous felt-tip pen owners may well become another archive of vanishing words in the city. Plus, the blog shows you clearly that Berlin´s typographic landscape is just as rich as, well, all of its other landscapes, and that the letters from Berlin are always something to look forward to.

Daily Deutsch Doodles

das gefällt mir Daily Deutsch Doodles

This funny and clever visual blog is the brain-child of Michelle Last, an artist and illustrator from the UK. She is also the author of a wonderful children´s book called Vincent The Vampire, a story of a vampire who prefers milk to the traditional beverage of his kind. Not a German-speaker per se, Last is struggling to remember and broaden her German vocabulary (who isn’t?). To help herself and countless others, she came up with a series of images to help memorize words and phrases. The only minus of her excellent blog is that her supply will never possibly match our demand.

Ich Umarme Berlin


Ich Umarme Berlin at Gendermenmarkt

 As far as love declarations go, “I Hug Berlin” blog is a pretty impressive statement. It is also – literally – a series of warm embraces. The author, who remains anonymous, dreamt of moving to Germany´s capital for a long time, and when that dream finally came true, felt compelled to take Berlin in his arms. He is planning to continue doing so every single day now. So next time you see somebody cuddling the Victory Column or embracing the Staatsbibliothek, do not be alarmed. It’s just a guy in love…


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