Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


The title of Vittorio de Sicca´s 1948 film sounds so romantic and melodious that it´s hard to believe that it means the same as Fahrraddiebe.

While German as a language often lacks the charm or the suave flow of its southern or, let´s be honest about it, the Eastern neighbours, it is often excellent at nailing the emotion. Especially if it´s not a positive one (see: Schadenfreude:-).

Bicycle thieves are scum.

To illustrate the last post with a crisp little map of Berlin´s bike theft, here are the result per borough for the year 2013.

So if you happen to be living in Mitte, Kreuzberg or Pankow, you better chain that bike to yourself. Or get the bike lock that The Telegraph and yours truly have written about.

Or, alternatively, move to Spandau:-)

(source: RBB web page)

(source: RBB web page)


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