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It´s official. The most popular German crime series, Tatort (The Scene of Crime) – a Sunday evening TV affair sweeping the streets of the Republic empty as if by magic, as well as providing a perfect topic for HEATED discussions on Mondays (not an easy feat in Germany, mind you) – is coming to Kreuzberg!

After the announced change of crew in Berlin edition – currently there are 21 teams operating in 21 German cities in 16 German states – followed by a short period of cursing (profound) and uncertainty as to who the new Chief-Inspector-Team will be, we have the winners!

Meret Becker, a fantastic actress and singer with enough personality to bring to life most of the usual plastic so-called film stars in this country will be playing Nina Rubin. If anyone around here has the necessary Berliner Schnauze – being forthright, witty, warm without being too plushy and speaking Berliner dialect – then it must be her.

Plus, her character will be a Berliner Pflanze (born-and-bred Berliner) through and through: born in Berlin-Wedding, growing up in a boxing club (mum died early and dad liked to seek the company of big sweaty blokes in heavy leather gloves), married to a Russian Jew working as a doc in Charité (the oldest and biggest hospital in town) and clubbing all night long to let off the bloody steam. Very Berlin.

At her side we will see probably the best looking actor Germany has produced since, well… for ever: Mark Waschke (swept this madam of her feet in Fenster Zum Sommer with Nina Hoss and kept sweeping, well… ever since:). And while Becker´s character will be a chaotic, partying Wessie (West-Berliner), Waschke´s well-groomed, intellectual Ossie from Pankow will provide the necessary balance. And tension. And do I sense a whiff of the good, old West Berlin vs. Ost Berlin rivalry? Do I, heck!

And all this tension, all this rivalry, all this Nutella-meets-Nudossi criminal seesaw – all this, ladies and gentlemen, will be coming to you from the borough of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Which, in fact, means from Kreuzberg. With an occasional car chase across Warschauer Brücke and up and down Frankfurter Allee;-)

To which I say: Yay! And remember: iif you think you can get away with not watching the new Berlin-Kreuzberg Tatort, think twice. Rubin and Karow will be after you soon;)


  1. lostfunzone (dothob)
    Mar 1, 2014

    ich bin auch schon sehr gespannt!

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