Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


Despite my apparent “total, utter and complete” Kreuzbergophilia, I do venture out of SW61/SO36 to enjoy the beauty of many other corners of the city, too. And although the air does feel a little thinner in Dahlem, Charlottenburg or Mitte now and then, Berlin never fails to grab me, shake me hard and leave me standing on the pavement grinning.

Most of my trips through the city are taken by bike: you follow your own time-table, you are not bothered by others (or are bothering them) AND you see so much more than travelling by bus, by car or even on the Underground (unless it´s the Overground in which case you often see even more:).

That´s why it´s good to have a camera on you: in this city you don´t need to be Alfred Eisenstaedt, Willy Römer or Fred Stein to find wonderful subjects for your photos. Like myself you can be a happy-snapping amateur with second-rate equipment and still find that the pictures you´ve taken worth looking at. Because they´re yours and they will forever remind you of how you saw the city rather than how it really was. Which, by the way, is hardly the same thing.

Here´s a small walk through Tiergarten and Mitte.

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