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It is easy to forget that there is so much more to Görlitzer Park that only drug dealers and the tsunami of rubbish washing over it on daily basis in summer.

Here is a great video showing why it is so sad to see this place disappear from the map of the places worth visiting for reasons other than: to buy “stuff” or to paaaarty until some silly person from the ´hood warbles something at you in German, thinking they can tell you where you can express yourself the best.

Having only written about the history of the place and about the railway station that used to stand where the park is today (you can read the post here), we were extremely happy to find this film online (thank you, Berlin Interviews!).

Made by Martin Mostert for CROP THE BLOCK project – a group of “creative urban filmmakers – we call them CROPPERS – who come up with really cool local videos about cities. Started in Paris, now also in Berlin.”

Enjoy it!

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