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Viktoria against Germania Soccer Derby on Tempelhofer Feld around 1895

Viktoria against Germania Soccer Derby on Tempelhofer Feld around 1895

What is big, green and makes tens of thousands of people happy? And no, you cannot smoke it… If we are thinking about Berlin then those must be the city parks in Germany´s capital.

 14.3% of its total area is covered by grass, trees and crowds of lounging or strolling people. Munich, the capital of Bavaria with its traditionally condescending attitude towards its Prussian sister, can bring only 8.5% on the scales. Perhaps the time has come to ask oneself whether it would not be better to skip the annual drunken freak-show commonly known as Oktoberfest and plant some trees instead? Swap the smelly tents for some proper outdoor Biergarten? Anyway, food for thought, Munich.

 If you want to visit Berlin´s largest park, you must go to Marzahn-Hellersdorf. At 400ha Landschaftspark Wuhletal is over 100 times bigger than Monbijoupark in Berlin-Mitte, 57.1 times the size of the Small Tiergarten and 30.8 times as large as Viktoriapark in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

 After the former Tempelhof Airport was closed in 2008 after 85 years of service, it was turned into second biggest park in the capital (around 380ha or 350ha depending on whom you ask) : Tempelhofer Freiheit (aka Tempelhofer Feld).

 What makes this place so special today is not only the “wide open spaces” it offers but also its history. Here is a short film from eNtR Berlin presenting the glorious past and the not so certain future of one of Berlin´s most beloved leisure spots.

 And although the park itself happens to be in the borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, this fact is but a weenie scratch on its otherwise shiny surface. After all, it is only a stone´s throw from Kreuzberg. If you dared throwing anything over Columbiadamm, that is.

 Enjoy the film!


  1. auntyuta
    Sep 4, 2013

    That Berlin has that many park areas is truly amazing. This makes the city special. I hope Tempelhofer Feld is going to remain a park area too.

    • notmsparker
      Sep 4, 2013

      Well, they will build something there for certain. But as long as it is not much and as long as the space is not disturbed, I think it´s only fair. I do believe we can have both the gorgeous massive park AND a university library or some houses on the edges of the park. We´ll see:)

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