Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


St Agnes Kirche in Alexandrinenstrasse in Kreuzberg 61 is possibly the ugliest church you have ever encountered. Representative of the so called Brutal Architecture it looks anything but inviting or warm or holy.

It used to be one of my numerous architectural pet-hates, a concrete eye-sore I spat at (innerly, of course) every time I cycled past.

Until I actually looked at it. As in “I stopped and beheld”. And just as with Liebeskind´s Jewish Museum where I needed time and a bit of thinking to realise the beauty and – yes, I am about to use that word – genius of the place, so did St. Agnes Church present itself to me in a new light. Or rather, I presented myself to it as a someone who asks him- or herself “Why?”. Why was it built like this? Why did they make it look so heavy, so angry, so square?

It seems that is the chief question that we should ask ourselves at all occasions. Especially before we give a judgement:)

Here is a great short feature about St Agnes Kirche by the online eNtR Magazine. It explains why for us.


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