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Our dear friend, Berlioz1935 (of made us aware of the details of the curious deal between the boroughs of Kreuzberg and Neukölln regarding Karstadt.

Here´s a translation of the applicable paragraph from Wikipedia´s story of Karstadt at Hermannplatz:

Da das nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg errichtete Karstadt-Gebäude in der ersten Etage über den Gehweg hinausragt, führt das zu der kuriosen Situation, dass das komplett auf Kreuzberger Gebiet stehende Warenhaus in den Neuköllner Luftraum hineinragt und Karstadt hierfür an den Bezirk Neukölln eine Gebühr für „Sondernutzung öffentlichen Straßenlandes“ bezahlen muss (Ende der 1990er-Jahre 15.000 DM, also ca. 7.670 Euro pro Jahr).”

“The fact that the first floor of the new Karstadt erected after the war was hanging above the pavement [in Hermannplatz] led to a curious situation: despite its standing on Kreuzberg land exclusively, the department store “violated” the airspace of Neukölln and as such had to pay a fee for the “special use of public thoroughfares” (at the end of the 1990s DM 15,000 which equalled Euro 7,670 per year).”

To put a more positive twist on this story, let´s say that it was not about “violating the airspace” but about about “trying to hug the neighbour”. Any fees on that?:-)

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