Everything You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Berlin


In 2007 RBB (short for Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg), the national broadcaster for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, produced a first-rate documentary about – yes, you´ve guessed it – the borough of Kreuzberg.

Made by Grit Lederer the film Kreuzberg Bilderbuch (Kreuzberg Photo Album) takes you on a tour of the borough with born and bred Kreuzbergers of various ages and nationalities. It even takes you on several trips back in time to explain the complicated (to say the least) history of the place.

With all its merits Kreuzberg Bilderbuch has only one small fault: it´s available  in German only. This should spurn you to put your German to the test or give you a nice taste of the English version (with subtitles) to come to these pages soon.


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