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8bar KRZBERG V1 bike in action (photo: Constantin Gerlach)

8bar KRZBERG V1 bike in action (photo: Constantin Gerlach)

Even though Siemens left Kreuzberg a while ago, there is still enough innovative spirit around the borough to keep it providing the world with some damn fine things.

Just like the lovely piece of cycling engineering in the picture above. Designed and produced in Kreuzberg by a local company of 8bar, a group of cycling enthusiasts who will make you any bike as long as it´s an 8bar bike:)

Sleek, elegant fixie (fixed-gear) bicycles from their workshop are always unique – 8bar provide the parts but it is the future owners who decides which of them should be used for his or her machine. A real coup in the days of I-Generation. In the times of mass production it is a feat and practically everybody´s secret wish to be different. Well, go design!

This post is no product-placement. Neither is it a piece of advertising. It is my way of saying: lovely bike, venturesome people, brilliant product name. Riding a KRZBERG must be almost as good as riding through it:-)

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